Levanto, separated from the Cinque Terre by the promontory of Mesco, appears as a typical maritime village facing the magnificent gulf and surrounded by green hills immersed in the Mediterranean scrub. The village has very ancient origins as shown by the findings of box-type tombs dating back to the Iron Age.
Today Levanto stands out as a friendly and well-known tourist destination, very populated during summer because of its bathing establishments, its beaches and its rocky coast. Thanks to the creation of modern and comfortable structures, placed in a splendid natural landscape, the village has become an important centre of the Riviera di Levante, known not only for its bathing establishments, for the sunny weather and for the nautical activities but also for its nature, its monuments and its cuisine.
On the surrounding hills, among vineyards and olive groves from which typical products of very good quality are obtained, various small rural villages where nature and history blend together, can be found. The most ancient of these is Fontona, a settlement of Longobard origin with the church dedicated to Saint Michael, the Archangel, dating back to 1173. The other historical hamlets were formed during the tenth and the twelfth centuries and appear as typical medieval villages immersed in the green open space. Departing from the Convent dell'Annunziata (of our Lady of the Annunciation), you can encounter, along the mid-coast road, Lizza, Lavaggiorosso, Dosso and Groppo; then, passing on the other side, Montale, Casella, Ridarolo, Legnaro, Chiesanuova, Fontona, Pastine and Vignana. In the valley, there are also smaller settlements, evidenced by the presence of mills, chapels and small sanctuaries hidden in the vegetation.

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